Getting from point A to Z begins with a 3 step process.  It is creative, fun and customized for each and every client.  Let us fill you in on how we create the "WOW" factor everyone is looking for! 

Step 1 ~ Concept:  When creating a custom look and style for an event, we start with a simplistic concept.  It can be anything that inspires you.  A pattern from a pillow, a piece of lace, a color story... even you favorite flower.  Truly anything can helps us start a vison process.  From that, we build each decison and concept into the next phase of collaboration.

Step 2 ~ Collaboration: Once we are on the road to knowing more of your wants and needs, we collaborate with our in house design team and piece together a look that is customized and reflective to your vision.  We tend to enjoy this part of the process when we are challenged with new and creative ideas!  The more challenging the design, the more fun it is!  

Step 3 ~ Creation:  Game day!  After the collaboration of ideas have come together, we are ready to create and display your custom look and style just for you!  This comes after a lengthy creative process and is exectued with impecciable attention to detail.  We strive for perfection with each and every event we design and create. 

We are here to make this easy, fun and exciting. Let us know how we can create a one of kind experience perfect for you.